larry duff's disasters

All of you will probably need no introduction to Larry Duff.  You know the one, every time Ted rings his mobile something bad happens to him, which ranges from driving off a cliff to being attacked by dogs.  In this section of the site you can find information on all of Larry's mishaps.

     episode - hell
This is the first time we see Larry Duff. In this episode, Ted calls Larry who is driving in his car. When he looks for his phone, he takes his eyes off the road and drives the car off a cliff.
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     episode - tentacles of doom
Larry has volunteered to take part in a knife throwing act. The knife thrower calls for perfect silence when Ted phones Larry on his new phone - one with an extra loud bleep.
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     episode - old grey whistle theft
This episode sees Larry stopped at an army checkpoint under suspicion of smuggling arms. When Ted phones, ones of the priests makes a run for it and is shot at.
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     episode - the plague
Larry gave up on his life long ambition of having a few hundred rabbits running around the place and got twelve rottweillers instead. Unfortunately for him, they turn on him and he is attacked by them when he hangs up the phone.
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     episode - new jack city
While building a giant house of cards, the phone suddenly rings and startles. He manages not to collapse the house of cards however. When reaching for the phone he picks up the stapler by mistake, staples the side of his head, falls and destroys the card house.


     episode - cigarettes and alcohol and rollerblading
Larry loses his chance to win £10,000 in a quiz show when he is interrupted in his bid by his phone ringing.


     episode - flight into terror
Ted gives Larry a call from a aeroplane.  According to Larry, you are more likely to be stampeded by donkeys than die in a plane crash.  The pictures below say the rest.


     episode - a christmassy ted
A double helping of bad luck for Larry this time.  While sking, his mobile rings and he falls down the side of a mountain, then later on, Jack slams a door in the parochial house and causes an avalanche for Larry in the mountains.


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