father ted video games

     father jack's drinking game:
Okay, this may be the only game on the site so far but it's a feckin' good one.  The object of the game is to guide Father Jack using the mouse and collect pints of beer thrown by Mrs. Doyle.  Not a bad game (considering it's my first) and worth downloading.

   Windows 95 or higher (eg. Windows 98)
   An IBM compatible computer (ie. not an Apple computer)
   256 colour, 640x480 display
   Oh yeah, and a mouse



0.85Mb self-executing file

Click on the link above to download the game.  A window will appear asking you what you want to do with the file.  Choose to save it to your disk.  Once the program is downloaded, run it to start the installation program and follow the instructions.

     games in development
A few games are currently in the works, but I don't know which ones will actually go on the site or when.  Some of the games currently in development include a tamagochi-style virtual pet brick game, a "Speed 3" game which sees you helping dougal to keep his milkfloat over 4 miles an hour, and an "escape from the lingerie department" game.  Stay tuned, bookmark the site and join the mailing list to stay informed.
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